17 de Abril de 2018 Fernanda Da Silva Pereira

Convert Your Home to Be Zero-Energy


Owning a zero-energy home would reduce your utility costs to nothing (hypothetically), reduce your carbon footprint to near-negligible territory, and potentially increase the resale value of your home at the same time.

But what if you’re not ready to move yet—or ...

Costa Blanca propety market report

9 de Marzo de 2018 Fernanda Da Silva Pereira


The Spanish Housing market continues showing reassuring signs of a steady growth for 2017 and onwards.


Property sales in Spain goes up by 18.5% in the first quarter of ...

¿Cuáles son los elementos que encarecen el precio de una vivienda?

7 de Marzo de 2018 Fernanda Da Silva Pereira

Si estas pensando en vender tu casa deberías sacarle el mayor partido a los elementos que harán que puedas pedir un poco más. 

El precio medio de la vivienda terminada (nueva y usada) aumentó un 2,7% interanual en el segundo trimestre del 2017 respecto al mismo periodo del ...

Casas por Bitcoins

7 de Marzo de 2018 Fernanda Da Silva Pereira

¿Estás pensando en comprar una casa? Quizás, ¿vender una? Si además estás pensando en utilizar Bitcoins para tu transacción deberías saber esto.


El uso de divisas digitales ha experimentado un auténtico ‘boom’ y además el bitcoin empieza a ser moneda de cambio también para comprar inmuebles

Hace unos días ...

Spanish market

6 de Marzo de 2018 Fernanda Da Silva Pereira


Spanish house prices increased 2.67% during the year to end 2017 (0.38% inflation-adjusted) to €1,385 per square metre (sq. m), the fifth consecutive quarter of y-o-y house price rises, according to TINSA (provides comprehensive advice on property valuation for individuals, companies from all sectors and ...

Thinking about investing?

6 de Marzo de 2018 Fernanda Da Silva Pereira

Why not invest?


There are lots of ways to make money and some people would argue that real estate investing isn’t really that easy.

Understand the property market, find the right investment property, negotiate to get it at a favourable price, negotiate a loan and find a solicitor ...

Why Home Buyers and Agents Need to Have Each Other's Backs

14 de Febrero de 2018 Fernanda Da Silva Pereira

The real estate agent’s experience

Meanwhile, real estate agents, who are commission-only independent contractors, will sometimes drive around for hours showing homes. They may take these buyers around for days or weeks, thinking they have a live client they can help. They might make an offer or two on behalf ...

That May Increase How Much Your Home Is Worth

14 de Febrero de 2018 Fernanda Da Silva Pereira

Does your home offer any of the perks some buyers will pay more for? 

To understand how much your home is worth, it’s important to understand the variety of factors that go into assessing the value, both existing (assessed and appraised) value, as well as potential real value ...

Popular Golf Courses In Alicante, Spain

13 de Febrero de 2018 Fernanda Da Silva Pereira

Top Golf Courses In Alicante, Spain

The popular Costa Blanca has always been a firm favourite among golfers, especially as much of the very best golf in Spain can be found on the Golf Courses in Alicante which stretches most of the beautiful Costa Blanca. The fact that the Alicante ...

Dictionary of Real Estate terms

13 de Febrero de 2018 Fernanda Da Silva Pereira


Derived from Latin battere, "abatement" a common legal term meaning "the beating down, removal, or diminishment" of something.  For example, lead abatement refers to finding and removing lead paint.  Abatement usually refers to "Rent Abatement", the incentive offered by a landlord, including free rent, early occupancy, or ...